the un-calculated route

Set your GPS for directions towards your planned destination. But when you hit construction, road blocks that the GPS is unaware of, you have to change direction. When you do, or you decide on a completely way to reach your destination, the frustrated GPS voice always screams…”recalculating route.” Sometimes the new route is a choice, sometimes the choice is made for you.

I believe a car commercial already nailed this as far as life goes, but none -the – less, I have found that “recalculating” my own personal life routes has been hysterically fun, thought provoking and challenging. I’ve met dead ends or synchronized roads not on any planned map.



You’re committed to a task and yet you don’t really want to drive 133 miles round trip to do what you have already committed to doing. Your instinct says…“noooo, please say no”, but the (in this moment) adult side of you pushes forward. So what do I do? listen to my instincts which are never wrong? or stay committed to going? What I learned is to sometimes it is best to just push through it and disregard the seemingly self imposed “I don’t want to do it”. There’s a big difference between God given instincts we all have, and our own self-imposed feelings. How to tell the difference? When you arrive, you’ll know which it was “God given instincts” or self-imposed feelings. To know which one it is in advance takes some doing. In conclusion the task I didn’t want to do actually turned out to be a blessing for others.